Coast View Real Estate Services, LLC is an entity composed of a group of professionals with vast experience in the field of real estate, property administration, and we can provide legal advice on financial projects through our partnerships with others.  Our base of operations is located in the southern state of Florida. Our priority is to satisfy each and every one of our clients to feel completely confident throughout the investment process. We pride ourselves by satisfying our clients with professional expertise in all investment phases and to accomplish our goals and objectives in a rapid changing market, like south Florida’s. Our commitment to the community is to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Our company culture is based on integrity, honesty, professionalism and customized customer service.

Our main goal is the overall advisory, focused for Latin American clients interested in investment projects in the U.S. market.

The vision of our company is to grow together with our clients, maximizing opportunities for appropriate diversification, specifically in real estate. It is the focus of Coast View Real Estate Services, LLC to maintain a high level of inventory in the southern coastal area of Florida. With the objective of becoming a leader in this field of properties.